Oldham OLCT IR Fixed Gas Detector

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The Oldham OLCT IR is an Infrared CO2 or combustible gas detector / sensor built to withstand harsh environments such as; offshore platforms, petrochemical and chemical industries, naval installations, wastewater treatment plants.

• 4-20 mA analogue infrared transmitter
• SIL2 capability
• Infrared CO2 or combustible gas detector
• IP67
• Double source / four beams
• Heated optics
• Dirty optics compensation
• Low maintenance
• Resistant to poisons
• Long lifespan (>10 years)
• Non-intrusive calibration

Infrared Technology is often the only solution to these types of environments and requires the most efficient gas and flame detection.

• It is maintenance free which makes it ideal for onshore and offshore applications

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Weight 1.5 kg

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