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Gastec Sampling Pump – GASGV-100S

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Our most popular selling Gastec Sampling Pump.

The Gastec Sampling Pump requires minimal effort as it sometimes needs only 1 pull to draw a gas sample.

The Gastec gas sampling pump is required to pull an air sample whilst using Standard Gastec detector tubes.

The piston style pump is integrated with:

– Tube tip breaker

– Flow finish indicator to show when the stroke is complete

Included within the pump carrying case: Pump lubricant, rubber inlets and a manual

The Gastec Sampling Pump is used in conjunction with Gastec Detector Tubes to draw a sample of hazardous gas across the chemical reagent within the tube such that a change produced is proportional in length to the concentration.

Samples can be drawn easily with a handle that requires minimum effort.

  • 50ml (half-stroke)
  • 100ml (full-stroke)

For those who need to keep count of the number of strokes completed, we can also offer a gas sampling pump with a counter (GV-110S)


Q.Should I calibrate my GASTEC pump GV-100S?
A.The inner volume of the pump is very important because it influences the tube reading. Generally, calibration is required for GV-100S pumps. However, the inner volume of the pump is considered to be fine as long as there is no leak found by a leak check prior to measurements because the volume capacity of a pump is structurally determined just as 100mL or 50mL. For checking the leakage of GV-100S pump, perform a leak check test

Q. I have just bought a GV110S pump and tubes and I have a question regarding the 7.5 minute sampling time of the Formaldehyde tube 91LL. This tube requires 5 x 100mL pulls. Does the 7.5 minute 91LL time incorporate all 5 of those pulls?

The instructions tell that you pull the handle and wait until the flow-finish indicator pops out. Then another stroke would be repeated, and so on.
I want to make sure that 7.5 minutes x 5 pulls = 38 minute total wait time is not needed for each measurement.

A. The 7.5 minute sampling time is the sum of 5 strokes. The sampling time of GAS91LL per stroke is defined as 1.5 min, as per GAS91LL instructions for Formaldehyde Detector Tube. So the sampling time per measurement is 1.5 min x 5 strokes = 7.5 min.

Refer to the links:

The sampling volume per stroke (100ml or 50ml) cannot pass into and through the tube instantly and takes some time. Insufficient sampling volume may cause a lower reading, so the specified sampling volume should be fully drawn in before taking a reading.

The sampling time may slightly vary depending on batches of tubes, so the sampling time described in the instruction manual is a guide to ensure that sampling is fully completed.

While you are sampling, the tip of the tube (sampling point) needs to be fixed, and if you need multiple strokes, you need to perform an additional stroke after each stroke is completed (100ml sampling volume is fully drawn in) while keeping the tip
at the fixed point.

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