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GAS722 Gastec Tube Tip Breaker

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Gastec Tube Tip Breaker Features three durable diamond cutting edges allowing a tube tip to be snapped off at any angle. Broken tube tips are deposited directly into a built-in storage bin, preventing glass fragments from scattering and improving safety. It is reusable and holds over 260 broken tube tips.

Rugged, small and durable, the Gastec Tube Tip Breaker easily fits in the gas sampling pump carrying case.


Q. The Gastec Sampling Pump Head Block fills up quickly, how can I store more tips?

A. GAS722 Tube Tip Holder can collect over double the number of tips compared to the Sampling Pump Head Block, and safely prevents the tips from flying or scattering. Flying or scattered tips can be a safety hazard and need to be collected.

GAS722 Tube Tip Holder is in a brown and yellow robust design. The Gastec Detector Tube is first rotated in a vertical position perpendicular to the GAS722 Tube Tip Holder. Then the Detector Tube can be tilted in any position around the 3 cutters making contact with the brown top casing to break off the tip successfully.

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