M-Sens 3 Moisture Content Measurement

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Excess moisture in dry bulk solids can alter the composition of final product, ruin products, or cause blockages. If moisture is a problem for you, then consider the M-Sens 3.


Where is the M-Sens Used?

The M-Sens 3 continuously measures material moisture content of all kinds of dry bulk solids. For example, wood chips, pellets, saw dust, and ash residue.

It's commonly installed on EFW plants, biomass plants and in food & beverage production sites.


How Does it Work?

The M-Sens is a microwave based sensor. By installing the M-Sens in container outlets, conveyor belts, screw conveyors, mixers and belt dryers, it provides continuous moisture measurement and flow detection so processes run smoothly.

The sensors penetrate the product for most reliable measurements yet it is highly resistant to abrasion

  • Online moisture measurement accuracy 0.1 %
  • Instant and accurate process/material temperature measurement from 0 °C to 120 °C
  • Flow detection alarm

Now with Flow / No Flow - If the material is not moving, a 'no flow' alarm indicates there is a problem. It's this alarm that triggers a response from the maintenance team to visit the process to find out what is going wrong.


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Flexible positioning

The M-Sens 3 was developed to offer maximum flexibility during assembly. The following aspects should be taken into account in the positioning of the probe: The measuring field penetrates the densest materials (e. g. sand). With a minimum depth of 120 mm, the probe should always be directed at the material to avoid reflection problems.


Installation situations

For a simple installation, a standard connection flange is available.

Conveyor belt
Measurement of material moisture on a conveyor belt. A constant material height is generated by attaching a material skimmer. This offers ideal conditions for an online measurement.
The installation in the lower third of a conveyor screw has the advantage that the material volume that passes over the sensor is almost constant, allowing for an optimal measurement. The movement of the auger flights is hidden.

Free fall pipe
To be able to measure in free fall pipes or inclined pipes (chutes) with the M-Sens 3, it is possible to gather material in front of the probe in the short term, for the duration the measurement, with a catching mechanism. After the measurement, the flap will open again and allows the gathered material to continue to drop. The measuring process can be permanently repeated in short or long intervals according to requirements.


Technical Data

Housing Stainless steel
Sensor surface Ceramic
Ex-protection (optional) Zone 20 (Dust), Zone 0 (Gas)
Protection category IP 67 according to EN 60529
Material ambient temperature 0 +80 °C, optional 120 °C
Working pressure Max. 10 bar
Power consumption 0.6 W
Response time 0.1 sec
Weight Approx. 1000 g
Measuring range 0 … 65 % residual moisture
(depending on material)
Temperature measurement 0 … +120 °C
± 0,6 °C (typical) 0 and +120 °C
± 1 °C (Max.) 0 and +70 °C
± 2 °C (Max.) 0 and +120 °C
Flow Detection alarm YES
Accuracy 0.1 % absolutely
in the calibrated measuring range
Connection cable shielded cable 4-wired, 0.25 mm

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