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The MaxxFlow HTC measures the mass flow, the material density and speed of dry bulk solids in ducts or round pipes – chutes, air slides or screw conveyors.

It is the largest of our mass flow measurement sensors which measures flows up to 300 t/h.


MaxxFlow HTC Benefits

  • Accurate dosing
  • Contactless and maintenance free measurement
  • Arbitrary mounting position (inclined/free fall)
  • Easy to calibrate


The installation of the MaxxFlow HTC takes place independently of the direction of the line (vertical/inclined). It only requires a very low installation height.

It has no mechanical parts in the flow, is 100% dustproof and erosion-free thanks to the ceramic inner pipe.




Mass Flow Measurement For Precise Dosing in Cement Production

A cement manufacturer puts three materials together in a mixing screw: Cement 70 t/h, ash 30 t/h, filter powder 20 t/h. Three measuring systems are required at the discharge of three silos in the cement plant for precise dosing. The discharge is controlled via a dosing slide valve. The quantity measurement is used as a reference parameter for the dosing of the additives.

The MaxxFlow HTC measures high mass flow rates from the exit of pre-feeding devices e. g. screw conveyors. This means the sensor can be installed in free-fall sections or in an inclined line. Compared to the baffle plate, the MaxxFlow measuring system requires only a low installation height (310 mm in this application).


  • Wear-free design, means it’s virtually maintenance-free
  • Accurate control of the flow rates
  • EasyFlow calibration makes the sensor an extremely effective flow meter for bulk solids
  • Connection via Modbus or Profibus possible

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For applications which require a smaller flow rate, consider the PicoFlow or SolidFlow

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