MIR-IS In-Situ Multi-Gas CEM System

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The MIR-IS is a complete “all in one compact” in-situ system for multigas measurements based on the proven MIR 9000 analyser.

It offers simultaneous measurement of up to 10 gases at the sampling location.

Superior Technology

Robust and reliable short extractive analyser with built-in permeation sample drying system for the measurement of wet and corrosive sample

It is designed for measuring wet and corrosive samples.

For multi-gas monitoring, in less than 40 milliseconds, the MIR-IS monitors each selected gas by Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation principle. This technology eliminates cross sensitivity from other gases that may be present and provides high accuracy.

The MIR-IS also monitors temperature, flow and pressure integrated into the sample extraction probe.

Reduced Costs

This in-situ multi-gas CEM system has integrated sample drying and system conditioning which requires no sample line.

The MIR-IS ensures ease of installation (single stack entry, on-stack or close-coupled) for reduced costs.


Designed to operate under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), It offers maximum availability and complete compliance with QAL 1 of EN14181

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