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Stackflow 400 – Flue Gas Velocity Monitor

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The Envea STACKFLOW 400 facilitates stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations.

Stackflow 400 satisfies the need for high quality measurement on emission release data.

From a regulatory perspective, its quality assurance features make the Stackflow 400 suitable as a compliance device as it complies with European monitoring standards, EN 16911-2 and 15267-3 for QAL1.

Typical application areas are:

  • Waste-to-Energy and Incineration plants
  • Emissions from Steel, Chemical and Mineral processing applications
  • Gas Turbines and Coal-fired Power plants
  • Industrial stacks (before or after final arrestment plant)


  • Unique extended measurement path (400mm) permits accurate and increased representative measurement
  • Robust flow measurement for industrial applications
  • Inbuilt automatic reference self-checks for regulatory compliance (QAL3)
  • Facilitates stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations when linked to gas and dust CEMS
  • Angled probe version to fit existing perpendicular ports


The STACKFLOW 400 sensor satisfies the need for high quality assurance on emission release data, reporting mass emissions (kg/year) as well as concentration monitoring.

It uses ENVEA’s unique Fluesonic® technology and mathematical measurement algorithm (patent pending) which allows the transit time of the signal to be measured accurately in real stack conditions, hence permitting:

  • An extended measurement path of 400mm in a single, stack-mounted probe design
  • Capability to deal with flow profiles across the extended measurement path
  • Tolerance to contamination and flow eddies

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