Refrigerant Leak Detection

Manufactured in the UK by a1-cbiss, the Refrigerant Leak Detection system is a wall-mounted gas detection system designed to monitor and identify gas leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

ARMS Refrigerant Leak Detector

The Refrigerant Leak Detection System is a calibrated mechanical, electrical or electronic device for detecting leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gases, which on detection, alerts the operator.

Up to 32 individual channels can be supplied

The ARMS 2 Refrigerant Leak Detection system utilises multi-gas infrared sensor technology and can be supplied as an 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels model, to provide wide area refrigerant leak detection for the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases.

Flexible I/O options

The system also features a range of flexible I/O options as standard and fully configurable settings, accessed via the touch screen display.

Site Survey

We’ll profile your workplace, consider environmental conditions, check the zone classification, and understand your aims so you know exactly the type of gas detection system required.

Quality You Can Rely on

Built to last, user-friendly interfaces, minimal false alarms.

What is a Refrigerant Leak Detection System?



A refrigerant leak detection system is a device or system that is used to detect leaks of refrigerants, which are chemicals used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Refrigerant leak detection systems are designed to quickly and accurately detect even small leaks of refrigerant, which can help to prevent accidents and protect workers and the general public from exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Refrigerant leak detection systems typically use sensors to detect the presence of refrigerants, and can provide alerts when a leak is detected. These systems can be used in a variety of settings, including commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, and refrigerated warehouses.


Our Refrigerant Leak Detector helps clients comply with the requirement of the F-Gas regulations and utilises multi-gas infra-red sensor technology to provide a wide area, dual monitoring of HFC’s, CO2, NH3 & HC’s. In addition to these, the system features individual alarm relays per channel, a range of flexible I/O options as standard and fully configurable settings, accessed via the touchscreen display.

A1-cbiss are a preferred supplier of gas monitoring systems because of the capabilities to provide installation and commissioning for all new systems and to offer ongoing service and support contracts covering preventative maintenance, breakdowns and emergency callouts. A1-cbiss has a network of service engineers covering the whole of the UK for fast response.

The benefits of using refrigerant leak detection systems include:

  • Improved safety: Refrigerants are potentially hazardous substances, and leaks can pose a risk to workers and the general public. By detecting leaks quickly, refrigerant leak detection systems can help to prevent accidents and protect people from harm.


  • Increased efficiency: Refrigerant leaks can cause air conditioning and refrigeration systems to become less efficient, which can result in higher energy bills and increased maintenance costs. By detecting leaks early, refrigerant leak detection systems can help to reduce these costs and improve the efficiency of the systems.


  • Enhanced compliance: Many countries have regulations in place that require refrigerant leaks to be detected and repaired in a timely manner. By using refrigerant leak detection systems, companies can ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations and avoid potential penalties or fines.


  • Improved air quality: Refrigerant leaks can release harmful chemicals into the air, which can affect air quality and pose a health risk. By detecting and repairing leaks quickly, refrigerant leak detection systems can help to improve air quality and protect people from exposure to harmful chemicals.