Respiratory Protection

As a welder, a sprayer, or healthcare worker, exposure to dust, fumes and vapours could contaminate the air you breathe causing respiratory illness. Therefore, always wear a respirator. a1-cbiss have partnered with 3M to supply powered air respirators, tight-fitting face masks and supplied air systems.

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Equipment is used in many workplaces to protect you when working with hazardous substances – gases or vapours and dust or particulates or any combination of these.

What Services Can You Expect from a1-cbiss?

Legislation Knowhow

We help companies from all sectors to understand which respiratory products will keep people safe at work.

Next Day Delivery

Order stock items before 2pm and have your order of respirators delivered for the next working day.

Total Personal Safety

a1-cbiss can supply a wide range of products for everything related to gas detection – Personal gas detectors, Spot Check Tubes, Respirators, Fixed gas detection systems and more

Respiratory Protection is divided into two types:


1. Breathing Apparatus (BA) needs a supply of air from a clean source (for example, an air cylinder or air compressor). BA may be used in situations with reduced oxygen levels (less than 19%).

2. Respirators (filtering devices) use filters to remove contaminants in the workplace air and allow workers to breathe safely in hazardous environments.

NOTE: Respirators should never be used in situations with reduced oxygen levels such as confined spaces.

Respirators can be either: negative pressure (non-powered) respirators which rely on the wearer’s breathing to draw air through the filter; or positive pressure (powered) respirators that use a fan to pass air through the filter to give a supply of clean air.

Both types of RPE are available with a range of face pieces: masks, hoods, helmets and visors providing respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection.


Both types of RPE are available with a range of face pieces: