Confined Space Gas Equipment

Confined space entry gas detection equipment should be used prior to entry to determine hazardous gas levels. a1-cbiss supplies a range of confined space entry gas detectors which give you the confidence to ensure that you or your colleagues are entering into a safe environment.

Product Information

Portable confined space entry gas detectors are most commonly used in industrial sectors. They’re required to carry out pre-entry tests into confined spaces and to continue monitoring for hazardous gases during works. Ultimately, these gas detectors are designed to keep people safe at work.

Site Survey

We’ll profile your workplace, consider environmental conditions, check the zone classification, and understand your aims so you know exactly the type of gas detection system required

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Confined Space Gas Detectors 


Your choice of gas detector required for your confined space testing rests on the choice of sensor. Some instruments can only accommodate a certain technology type of sensor. For example, you may need to add an infrared sensor for the detection of carbon dioxide. Therefore, sensor selection should reflect the known and potential atmospheric hazards within the application.

Most confined space gas detectors employ an oxygen sensor, a catalytic sensor for flammable/combustible gases and one or two electrochemical sensors for detecting specific toxic gases.

NOTE: if you are unsure of what gas hazards are potentially present, refer to an MSDS. Alternatively, a1-cbiss can help conduct a hazard assessment before you purchase those new instruments.

How are they worn?

In normal operation, most confined space instruments are worn on the belt or a helmet. They are used with a shoulder strap or chest harness, or held by hand. Tip: All gas detectors should be positioned within 30cm of the wearer’s mouth for effective personal safety.

Our confined space gas detectors are designed for simultaneous monitoring of the following gases:

Carbon monoxide 0 – 100ppm
Flammable gases 0-100% LEL
Hydrogen sulphide 0 – 50ppm
Oxygen 0 – 25%VOL