MIR-9000H CEM System


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The MIR9000H is an ideal continuous multi-gas analyser for DeNOx (SCR/SNCR) process control.

Product Description


Using heated Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation technology, the MIR 9000H is the ideal multi-gas analyser for DeNOx (SCR/SNCR) process control.

The MIR-9000H is a continuous stack emission monitoring gas analyser for the simultaneous measurement of:

• NH3 and H2O

• CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, O2 in addition to NH3 and H2O (Multi-gas Version / 8 parameters max)

Strong & robust to IP66 Rating, the MIR 9000H is housed in a stainless steel enclosure to withstand industrial environments, providing accurate monitoring in the harshest environments such as; NH3 leaks in ammonia refrigeration facilities and upstream and downstream DeNOx processes.

Data Collection, Processing & Visualisation

Equipped with a USB and a powerful Ethernet connection, the MIR 9000H easily connects to a PC or laptop to provide updates, data recovery and maintenance.

Using a1-cbiss data acquisition software (CDAS), this analyser provides automatic reports to meet customer specific requirements


• Designed to measure wet and corrosive samples
• Perfectly suited for ammonia slip detection
• Reproducible and accurate, fast response time
• Acquisition and integration of 5 additional measurements
• Remote access for maintenance and configuration backup
• Graphic LCD screen, with interactive menu driven software


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