Genie® Membrane Filters Protect Against Analyser Liquid Damage

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Gas Detection

When gas is extracted from a gas field, it requires processing before it can be sold.

In the natural gas industries, one of the most important, yet difficult and challenging tasks for process engineering is measuring moisture in a multitude of process gases and liquids. Liquids and moisture will naturally make up a proportion of gas samples.

In order to make the gas suitable for sale and use, the flow rate of the gas has to be measured at a number of locations. Monitoring the performance of the pipeline system and more importantly, at places where custody transfer takes place.

Pipeline gas metering stations use on-line analysers that are designed for simultaneous, continuous analysis of the quality and quantity of natural gas being transferred in a pipeline. Sample conditioning must take place before gas samples pass through the on-line analysers. Liquid and moisture can damage the sensors therefore need to be removed.

The key conditioning component to these analysers are the Genie Supreme 123 and 120 membrane separators. a1-cbiss are the UK distributor for American based A+ corporation who supply the Genie® filters. a1-cbiss have been supplying these membrane separators for a number of years as they consistently provide superior quality.

The Genie® Supreme Series™ 100 models remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas samples, which allow only gas sample to flow to the on-line analysers. This process protects analysers and other sampling components against liquid damage.

The Supreme Series™ models can accommodate a wide range of applications just as the original Genie® Series 100 Membrane Separators™ can, yet they offer an improved housing design for easy maintenance. Genie® Supreme Series Membrane Separators™ are safe and easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.

The Genie® 123HP is ideal for high-pressure applications. It has the same design as the Genie® Supreme Model 123, except that it comes as standard with a high pressure Liquid Block™. It offers a 2″ diameter membrane, the same membrane cross sectional area as the original Genie® Model 130HPM, and it is ideal for removing continuous liquid flow from gas samples; it is also perfect for protecting components such as gas chromatographs, or mass spectrometers.