New CO2 Sensor for Ventis® Pro

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Gas Detection, Latest News, Personal Safety

Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce the availability of an infrared carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for the Ventis® Pro.

While the infrared carbon dioxide/combustible (CO2/LEL IR) and carbon dioxide/methane (CO2/CH4 IR) combination sensors will continue to be available, the new CO2 IR sensor is ideal for applications that require carbon dioxide monitoring without the need for an LEL combustible sensor.

Please note that a Ventis Pro can be configured with an O2 and CO2 sensor, or a catalytic bead LEL and
CO2 sensor, but cannot be configured as a standard 4 gas plus CO2 with a catalytic bead LEL sensor (O2,
LEL, CO, H2S, CO2). Some common configurations may be:

VP4-Q0001101101 – Ventis Pro 4, CO2, Lithium ion battery, Diffusion, Safety Orange
VP4-Q1032110101 – Ventis Pro 4, CO2, CO, O2, Extended Range Battery, Integral Pump, Black
VP5-QJ534101101–Ventis Pro 5, CO2, CO/H2S, SO2, O2, Slim-extended Battery, Diffusion, Safety Orange
VP5-Q4532110101 – Ventis Pro 5, CO2, NO2, SO2, O2, Extended range battery, Integral pump, Black

The Ventis™ Pro Series has you covered whether you need unique four-gas or expanded five-gas sensor options, all in the most configurable multi-gas monitors on the market.

In your line of work, a day on the job can turn from habit to hazard in a single moment. Be ready for gas hazards and more with the Ventis Pro Series.

For additional information on the new CO2 IR sensor for Ventis Pro, or to build your Ventis Pro with the
new CO2 IR sensor, access the Online Instrument Builder at  or contact a1-cbiss