Process Gas Sampling System Introduction

by | May 21, 2019 | Gas Detection

Shale gas drilling sites require more sampling points closer to the wellhead because of the large quantities of free liquids that are often continuously present at these sample points. The Genie 745 reliably extracts a gas sample containing excess liquid.

The quantity of free liquid poses a challenge for traditional sampling equipment that was designed for transmission quality gas with a minimal amount of liquid entrained in the gas.

When sampling from a two-phase source is unavoidable, the Genie® 745 Preconditioning Assembly can reliably extract a gas sample from a source containing an excessive amount of liquid. The Genie® 745 incorporates the essential elements of Genie® Membrane Separator, an Avenger™ Coalescing Filter and a Genie® Heated Regulator into a single, probe mounted sample handling component that can easily fit in a Kozy® Insulator or a small rigid enclosure.

Although the gas exiting the Genie®745 is liquid free and at low pressure, heat trace tubing may be required depending on the dew point temperature of the gas. It is also recommended that a Genie® Membrane Separator™ with Liquid Block™ be installed as close to the analyzer as possible in case of heat trace failure or major process upsets.

Process Gas Sampling System Component Breakdown

Process Gas Sampling System - Genie 745 - Sampling from shale gas formations and deep water offshort platforms

Genie® Direct Drive™ 760 Probe

The safest, most versatile probe on the market, the 760 can be easily inserted at various depths through a full port valve into sources pressurized up to 3750 psig. This non-membrane tipped probe, allows liquids to drain back into the source after separation by our Genie Membrane Technology at the probe outlet.

Avenger™ Particulate & Coalescing Filters

This coalescing filter collects liquid on the downstream side of the media, so it is typically installed upstream of a Genie Membrane Separator if both are required. The 745 configuration is unusual in that the coalescer is downstream of the membrane. The purpose of the coalescer in the 745 is to protect the regulator from any liquid that gets forced through the membrane.

Genie® Membrane Separator™

This functions by separating entrained liquids on the upstream side of the media so that they can gravity drain down through the probe and back into the source.  The Genie® Membrane Separator™ protects the entire sample handling system and the analyzer from liquid distortion and damage. Yet they offer an improved housing design for safe and easy maintenance, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.

Genie® Heated Pressure Regulator

Connecting either of our analytical pressure regulators will prevent condensation of the sample gas due to Joule Thomson (JT) cooling during the pressure reduction process of high dew point gases or due to low operating temperatures. Single stage and four stage heated pressure regulator options available.

Insulated System Enclosure

This insulated sample system case allows the sample pressure and enclosure temperature to be monitored at a quick glance, without having to remove the enclosure. For complete access to system components, one or both sides can be completely removed. This patented technology is the first of its kind saving maintenance time and eliminating field frustrations.

Kozy Insulator

This high temperature lined blanket insulates the area around the sample point, valves, sample probe and pressure regulator to maintain a consistent temperature for sampling. Doing so will minimise day and night temperature cycling that can cause erratic gas analysis. Available in many sizes, our line of insulators is flexible enough to cover many different sample system configurations.

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