a1-cbiss Continue to Supply F-Gas Compliant Refrigerant Monitoring Systems to Large UK Retailer

Mar 21, 2018

a1-cbiss Continue to Supply F-Gas Compliant Refrigerant Monitoring Systems to Large UK Retailer

by | Mar 21, 2018

A1-cbiss were approached by one of the UK’s largest food retailer for retail refrigerant monitoring solution for leak detection in order to meet demands of the F-Gas regulations.


Under the current F-Gas regulations, sites that have large refrigeration systems with a refrigerant charge of the equivalent of 500Kg of CO2 or more must have fixed gas leak detection systems installed. Sample points are required in each room where there is a potential gas leak – pipe joints or valves, for example.


A1-cbiss were challenged with the following:

  1. To provide continuous monitoring of selectable refrigerant gases
  2. To be able to sample 2 refrigerant gases simultaneously on all channels
  3. To monitor from 16 to 32 channels
  4. Provide 2 way IP network communications with a nominated refrigeration alarm and monitoring systems providers’ equipment, Resource Data Management – Data Manager System
  5. Service contract to include the provision of planned preventative maintenance and breakdowns


Following comprehensive trials at White City, a1-cbiss presented the major retailer with the Automatic Refrigerant Monitoring System, more commonly known as ARMS. Manufactured in the UK by a1-cbiss, the ARMS is a wall-mounted gas detection system designed to monitor and identify gas leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

The ARMS helps clients comply with the refrigerant leak detection requirement of the F-Gas regulations and utilises multi-gas infra-red sensor technology to provide a wide area, dual monitoring of HFC’s, CO2, NH3 & HC’s. In addition to these, the system features individual alarm relays per channel, a range of flexible I/O options as standard and fully configurable settings, accessed via the touchscreen display.

The gas leak detection system is connected to each monitoring location via 6mm OD nylon numbered sample tubing and functions by sequentially drawing a sample of air from up to 32 locations to the central panel for gas analysis. The ARMS is versatile in its functionality as it is available for 8, 16, 24 and 32 individual detection points.

There are two stages of sample air filtration/conditioning for the system – filters located at the end of each sample line and a filter internal to the panel to remove any contaminants (including liquid & particulates). The sample gas then flows into a multi-gas sensor to measure the concentration of the target gas. The gas sensor uses Infrared (IR) technology for all gases and this technology ensures accurate, stable and specific measurement of each target gas, ensuring false alarms are minimised.

Following detection of a leak, the ARMS has numerous, configurable outputs to provide an alarm indication to site operators. These include volt-free relays for connection to localised beacon/klaxons and RS232 & Ethernet connections for online integration with site management control systems (such as RDM Data Manager) for remote monitoring.

A1-cbiss are a preferred supplier of gas monitoring systems because of the capabilities to provide installation and commissioning for all new systems and to offer ongoing service and support contracts covering preventative maintenance, breakdowns and emergency callouts. A1-cbiss has a network of service engineers covering the whole of the UK for fast response.

What did the client say? 

“When we needed to include for the provision of leak detection in stores, a1-cbiss were willing to work with us to develop a refrigerant leak detection product that met the specific needs of the client. A1-cbiss have continued to provide support of the product throughout the relationship and I have no hesitation in recommending this company in the provision of refrigerant leak detection equipment”. – Bob A, Refrigeration Technologist