Sample Extraction Filtration

Sample Extraction Filtration


A+ Corporation pioneer the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect sampling systems such as online and offline process analysers, custody transfer metering skids and gas analysers.

Additionally, the company pioneered the use of membranes on sample probes, eliminating liquids at pipeline conditions to ensure a representative sample as well as preventing liquids from contaminating the sample system. 

We can supply a range of corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steels, PVDF, PTFE, neoprene, and material compliance such as NACE.

A+ Genie® Membrane Separators

Genie membrane separators remove fine aerosols to large volumes of liquid to protect analyser systems in gas and liquid streams.

Supreme 100 Series remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas samples, which allows only gas sample to flow to analysers.

Supreme 200 Series remove 100% of suspended, immiscible liquids in liquid hydrocarbon samples, which allow only hydrocarbon liquid sample to flow to an analyser.

  • Prevents analyser damage – Membrane separators filter liquids and particulates within a sample to protect analysers and sample system components
  • Safe and easy to install and maintain – An advanced housing design makes this possible
  • Innovative – Liquid Block Technology™ prevents liquid from being forced across the membrane in upset pressure sample line conditions.
  • Leading brand – A+ Corporation are the sample extraction and preconditioning experts that design and assemble your custom system for gas and liquid sampling.

A+ Genie® Avenger Particulate & Coalescing Filters

The A+ Genie Avenger™ filters provide sample conditioning and analyser protection by using a disposable filter element to remove particulate solids and liquid droplets from gas sample streams.

  • High performance – utmost flexibility for coalescing/particulate filtration in gas sample streams
  • Membrane protection – The Liquid Block™ will completely valve off flow through the membrane to prevent liquid break-through from occurring in the presence of excess liquid
  • Safe and easy to install and maintain – An advanced housing design makes this possible

Tornado Self Cleaning Filters

The Tornado Model 602 is a continuous self-cleaning filter that protects analysers from particulates in liquid samples.

  • Inexpensive – Genie® Ultimate Thermoplastic Seal (G.U.T.S.™) gasket is an excellent alternative to expensive elastomers
  • Helps preserve sample integrity – the self-cleaning filter continuously protects analysers from particulates in liquid samples

A+ Genie® Probes and Probe Regulators

Obtaining a representative gas phase sample with entrained liquid has caused many problems. A+ developed an innovative system which consists of a technique and hardware for sampling natural gas.

Genie® probes remove the liquid under pipeline pressure and temperature conditions thereby preventing gas phase composition changes that would otherwise occur. After the liquids are removed, the pressure is regulated in a manner which prevents excessive cooling and possible condensation of some gas phase components.

  • Easy maintenance – The hardware can be inserted/retracted at normal pipeline pressures 
  • High pressure operation – Direct Drive probes can bear a maximum pressure of up to 3750 psig
  • Sampling in large diameter pipelines – 702 Insertion probes has a custom depth of up to 3metres
  • Flexible mounting – 750/755 probes can be mounted horizontally

Humidisorb - Moisture Control Corrosion

Humidisorb’s unique formulation works to maintain a near-constant %RH without the need for intervention from the user.

  • Prevents corrosion and controls moisture – The best protection against damage from relative humidity and corrosion for any enclosure that is operating, in transit, or in storage.
  • More effective – The packet will absorb at least five to ten times more moisture than the conventional desiccant before coming to equilibrium with the relative humidity (RH) of surrounding air.

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