Respirator Hoods

Respirator hoods protect the wearer from breathing in particulates, gases, and vapours. Hoods provide additional protection for the face, head, neck, and shoulders, thus preventing skin contact with chemical splashes or being coated with dust.

Product Information

Workers choose to wear this type of device because they are loose-fitting offering increased comfort for longer duration wear due to the cooling effect of air circulation.

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    Benefits of Respirator Hoods


    Our Respirator Hoods are compatible with all of our Respirator Helmets. They are comfortable to wear thanks to the integrated suspension which keeps the respirator hood in place. Secondly, they offer head, face, neck and shoulder coverage. Thirdly, it provides eye and face protection to EN166 which keeps the wearer safe from liquid splashes and low energy impact. However, the S-Series hoods don’t protect the head so if head protection is required, choose the M-Series.


    Respirator hoods should be worn:

       When personnel are in a room for a prolonged period of time
       For any personnel who have not been fit tested or have facial hair