Area Gas Detectors

Area gas detectors have the same concept of many of our single and multi gas detectors, only they can detect gas in a wider area than your breathing zone. Area gas detectors suitable for applications like plant shutdowns, confined space entry and offshore platforms. Using multiple area monitors can create an area gas monitoring system and a fence line. These can connect wirelessly, so you have a circle of protection and detection.

Our Area Gas Detectors

Product Information

Area monitoring gas detectors are portable so can be easily transported and carried around site to suit your requirements. Some of our portable area gas monitors also have an increased battery life compared to a handheld detector, so are great for using in the field.

Belt & Braces for Ultimate Safety

Workers should always wear gas detectors when working in or around a hazardous environment, but some applications are better suited for continuous area monitoring. Area gas monitors can be used alongside personal gas detectors to provide a tough ‘belt and braces’ safety approach.

Always With You

Area monitors provide benefits like those of a fixed gas detection system, however, they can be transported and repositioned to suit your needs.

Ring It

Area gas monitors provide protection to workers in confined space applications, perimeter, and fenceline monitoring.

Multi Sensor Choice

Area monitors are available with a wide range of sensor options including your standard oxygen, flammable, toxic sensors, while some can monitor VOCs using PID detection.

Loaded with Features

At a1-cbiss, our area monitors come with the option of an integral pump for sampling, along with alarms and high-decibel sounders, with multiple flashing beacons to ensure good visibility in all conditions.

What are Area Gas Detectors?


Area Gas Detectors help safety personnel protect their workers from gas hazards in situations, in addition to—or sometimes in substitution of—personal, portable gas monitors used as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Area gas detectors can be positioned to produce a guard between potential hazards and workers, to notify what they are heading into or what potential hazards are coming their way. This occurs most often when work takes place outside of normal operations where the risks are higher and/or different such as special projects, construction, maintenance, shutdowns, temporary sites or rigs, etc. In this way, they can be used to form a barrier around a tank or along a portion of pipeline close to the location of work being carried out.

How do you use one?

Units can be connected by cables. However wireless connection between individual area gas detectors is also available and avoids introducing a potential trip hazard. This could add significantly to an already risky task, for example, if working at height. Some wireless systems create a “self-healing” mesh network. In this case, should the wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will automatically re-route communications via alternate enabled devices, creating a mesh type network allowing a more robust and efficient wireless network. 

Benefits of Area Gas Detectors

 Wireless Detection
 Efficient Site Management
 All-in-one Data Storage
 Extended Battery Life