Four Gas Detectors

A four-gas detector is known as a confined space entry gas detector. These are mostly used prior to entry into a confined space to determine hazardous gas levels. a1-cbiss supplies a range of confined space entry gas detectors which give you a measure of indication that it is safe for you or your colleagues to enter an environment.

Product Information

A four gas detector is a gas monitor that is intended to detect combustible gas. Unlike a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, this machine can identify various concentrations at the same time. It is used most commonly as a personal gas monitor in industries such as sanitation, public works, steel, or other confined space work. They are also known as LEL (lower explosive limit) gas detectors.

Lowest Prices

Four gas detector prices start from £310.

Next Day Delivery

Huge stock of PS200 and T4 detectors available on next day delivery.

Various Alarms That Gain Attention

Various types of audible, visual and motion alarms are available because gas monitors are worn in noisy and dark applications.

How Do You Know It’s Safe to Enter a Confined Space?

A pumped gas detector coupled with a sampling line is used to perform a pre-entry check.

Leading Brands

a1-cbiss support the Crowcon, RAE Systems, BW, and Industrial Scientific four gas detector product ranges.

Detectors You Can Rely On

Problems are less likely to arise if your portable gas detectors have a regular service plan. Multi-gas detector service plan starting from £40.

Why use a Four Gas Detector?


Depending on your application, the primary benefits of a four gas detector are portability, convenience and safety. For example, one detector can be used to prevent risks linked to low oxygen atmosphere, safeguard against CO exposure, and monitor LEL (lower explosion limits) or combustible gases at the same time. atmospheres (hydrocarbons, solvents, or alcohols).


How do you use a Four Gas Detector?

Our lineup of four gas detectors are easy to use and offer user-friendly buttons making operation of the device trouble-free. With a four gas detector, the ability to power on, instantly monitor gas concentrations, and gain accurate data analysis should be pivotal. 

Users get instant access to a large screen LCD screen, with the ability to quickly power on the device and begin taking gas concentrations within minutes, as well as access to configure alarm settings dependent upon use case and needs. While each unique model within the series offers different combinations of gas sensors (CO2, CO, NH3, O2, and PM), this gives an individual easy selection in combination of target gases they would like to incorporate dependent strictly upon their environment. 

Regardless of your application, our ever-expanding customer base validates our efforts and continues to propel us forward in the four gas detection field with offering outstanding solutions.

What types of gases?

 Carbon Monoxide
 Hydrogen Sulfide