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Ozone Detection

Ozone Gas Detectors – Portable gas detectors from a1-cbiss for the detection of Ozone

CAS Number: 10028-15-6
STEL: 0.2ppm


Ozone is a non-flammable gas that is typically colourless to blue in colour. It has a very pungent odour.


Ozone attacks the eyes and respiratory system and can cause pulmonary oedema. Victims should be removed from the area immediately and given 100% oxygen. When 0.1ppm of ozone is inhaled for two hours, the lung capacity can decrease by 20% or so. Headaches or bronchitis may result when a concentration of 1ppm is inhaled for six hours.

Where is it found

Ozone is commonly found in wastewater treatment plants, power generation plants and uses include sterilisation, disinfection, bleaching, and as an oxidant and such in organic synthesis. Ozone is typically formed around high-powered electrical equipment where sparking is evident such as welding.

Interesting Fact

Although the ozone layer in the atmosphere (approximate O3 concentration: 0.005ppm) protects the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet light, at ground level in coastal regions (where ultraviolet light is particularly intense) 0.05ppm of ozone can be found.

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