Respirators for Beards

Beards and facial hair will impede the ability of a respiratory face mask to achieve a good seal and will fail a face fit test. However, there is alternative protection…

Respirators for Beards

Employees who have a beard or facial hair are NOT suitable to use tight-fitting respirators, therefore the recommended alternative is Powered Air Respirators.

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What to do if you have a beard?


If an employee cannot achieve a seal with a tight-fitting face piece; there are two options;

1: The employee would either have to shave their facial hair or,
2: The employer would need to provide alternative protection.

In the case of point 2, the alternative would be a powered air respirator.

Powered Air Respirators, when worn with loose-fitting head tops, are a convenient alternative solution, allowing users to retain their facial hair and high levels of protection against hazards.


Benefits of respirators for beards:

 Light & small
 Straightforward maintenance