Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors are installed in hazardous areas to protect a site by providing continuous gas detection. The fixed gas detector detects the presence of a target gas and relays it back to a control panel.

Fixed Gas Detectors 

a1-cbiss supply fixed gas detectors that monitor a wide range of target gases including toxic, flammable, oxygen, and VOCs for use in safe areas and intrinsically safe or ATEX rated zones.

    Site Survey

    We’ll profile your workplace, consider environmental conditions, check the zone classification, and understand your aims so you know exactly the type of gas detection system required

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    Why Do I Need a Fixed Gas Detection System?


    Fixed gas detection systems are installed for personnel safety, plant protection or continuous sampling. Fixed gas detection systems consist of gas detection sensors linked to a gas control panel. These sensors are designed to continuously monitor for single or multi hazardous gases in ATEX zones or safe areas. Within industrial processes, there’s always the possibility that gases will escape into working areas.

    To reduce the risk of harm to workers, the plant, and the environment, an effective gas detection system is needed to activate an alarm to warn of a gas leak. With most industrial gas monitoring systems having 4-20mA, digital or relay outputs, they can be used to trigger existing plants such as extractor fans, or turn off process supply lines, activate localised alarms to warn personnel of danger.

    Why Buy a Fixed Gas Detection System from a1-cbiss?

    a1-cbiss are one of the few UK gas detection companies that can supply the whole package from spec to system installation and ongoing service support. At a1-cbiss, we have a team of gas detection consultants who work closely with you to design a tailored fixed gas detection system fit for your application. We provide a site survey and follow up with the specification and quotation as a project. Using our teams of qualified in-house engineers with expert knowledge of gas leak detection equipment, we are the perfect partner to design, build, install and service your permanent gas detection system.

    Fixed gas detection systems are installed in many sectors:

    Oil & Gas