Oldham Gas Detection

A great many industries have chosen to improve safety in the workplace by equipping themselves with an Oldham gas control and detection system.

Product Information

Oldham has been known for its dependable, high-quality equipment for many years: it sets the bar for fixed gas detection!

Site Survey

We’ll profile your workplace, consider environmental conditions, check the zone classification, and understand your aims so you know exactly the type of gas detection system required

Quality You Can Rely on

Built to last, user-friendly interfaces, minimal false alarms

Oldham Gas Detectors


The main aim of Teledyne Oldham is to build equipment that saves lives, using their many years of experience to design and manufacturer products and systems which maximise quality, performance and reliability. Teledyne Oldham gas detectors can be found in a wide range of applications, such as oil and gas, offshore exploration and production, petrochemical, food and beverage, water treatment, automotive, steel production, liquid natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, pharmaceutical, power stations and many others. All Teledyne Oldham products also meet all major international certification standards.

A fixed gas detection system can be installed in most industries, but the following are the most common:

Nuclear and thermal power plants
The metalworking industry
The food & beverage industry
The oil & gas industries
The pharmaceutical industry