Portable Ozone Detection

Ozone (O3) is a type of natural colourless gas with a strong, pungent odour. Ozone gas is highly reactive and has strong oxidising properties which can be particularly irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. This hazardous gas can be detected with the robust reliable ozone detectors on our website.

Portable Ozone Detectors

Portable ozone gas detectors measure the concentration of ozone in the air. These analysers can measure ozone in the air to provide a parts per million (ppm) concentration. As an unstable gas, ozone has a unique nature that must be considered during detection. Ozone gas decays to form oxygen as a function of temperature, humidity, time, and air agitation. Therefore, it can be tricky to measure ozone in a consistent fashion.


Ozone is a non-flammable gas that is typically colourless to blue in colour. It has a very pungent odour.


Ozone attacks the eyes and respiratory system and can cause pulmonary oedema. Victims should be removed from the area immediately and given 100% oxygen. When 0.1ppm of ozone is inhaled for two hours, the lung capacity can decrease by 20% or so. Headaches or bronchitis may result when a concentration of 1ppm is inhaled for six hours.

Where is it found

Ozone is commonly found in wastewater treatment plants, power generation plants and uses include sterilisation, disinfection, bleaching, and as an oxidant and such in organic synthesis. Ozone is typically formed around high-powered electrical equipment where sparking is evident such as welding.

Interesting Fact

Although the ozone layer in the atmosphere (approximate O3 concentration: 0.005ppm) protects the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet light, at ground level in coastal regions (where ultraviolet light is particularly intense) 0.05ppm of ozone can be found.

What are Portable Ozone Detectors used for?


Portable ozone detectors are clipped onto workers to provide personal protection, ensuring safe exposure levels. For example, ozone is used to disinfect aircraft. When workers are cleaning, portable ozone detectors provide protection from elevated levels of ozone exposure.

Portable ozone detectors are also used to verify ozone concentrations in crop grow rooms. This ensures high yield and destroys pathogens such as fungi, microbes, bacteria, and viruses. High range ozone detectors are occasionally required for this purpose.

Many water treatment facilities employ ozone to disinfect storage containers. On a production line of small units, wall-mounted ozone monitors are placed to protect employees from equipment malfunctions and large ozone emissions.


Benefits of our Portable Ozone Detectors

 Ensures worker safety
 Single button operation
 Reduces training time
 Gives real time gas reading
Offers adjustable alarm levels