Multi Gas Detectors

Multi-gas detectors either provide personal protection in applications where 5 or more gas hazards are present or to carry out advanced gas monitoring activities because of the superior features these instruments have over 4 gas confined space monitors.

Our Multi (5+ Gas) Detectors

Product Information

Typically, they are larger in size than confined space detectors, robust and can detect a wider choice of gas hazards. These devices are generally worn directly on the worker’s belt or attached to PPE.

More Choice of Gases

Most multi-gas detectors offer pumped or diffusion sampling and feature an IR sensor for monitoring Carbon Dioxide and PID sensor for monitoring VOCs.

Enhanced Product Features

Packed with features that benefit a health and safety worker programme. Features include wireless transmission, lone worker alarms, data-logging, and rugged housing.

Various Alarms That Gain Attention

Various types of audible, visual and motion alarms are available because gas monitors are worn in noisy and dark applications.

Leading Brands

a1-cbiss are knowledgeable in the supply of Crowcon, RAE Systems, BW, and Industrial Scientific five gas detector products.

Detectors You Can Rely On

Problems are less likely to arise if your portable gas detectors have a regular service plan. Multi-gas detector service plan starting from £50.

Expert Guidance

We consider the exposure limits, environmental conditions, your purpose of gas detection and your budget to propose you a fit for purpose multi-gas detection solution.

What is a Multi Gas Detector?


A multi gas detector can come in many shapes, sizes and sensor configurations, which can cause some confusion with first time buyers. A multi gas detector is a portable device designed to detect multiple gases simultaneously. A portable gas detector is usually the last line of defence to alerting operators of dangerous gas leaks. The most common sensor configuration for a multi gas detector is carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable (infrared or pellistor) and oxygen.

Always seek advice

As always, you are buying a safety device that is designed to provide early warning of potential gas leaks and ultimately save your life. When purchasing your monitor, be sure that the monitor reflects the requirements of your application and gas hazards. For example, confined spaces are exactly that, they are limited on space and can restrict movement. Therefore you want your confined space monitor to be light weight and unobstructive.

With our Multi Gas Detectors you can monitor

 Sulphur Dioxide