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  • Make Linearity Testing Easier with a Gas Divider

    The principle of a linearity test is to check that the gas analyser system is ‘linear’.

    The linearity shall be calculated and tested using the procedure given in annex B of the standard EN14181. Linearity tests can be performed by Service Engineer, Site Engineer or Stack Testing House, although must be deemed competent to perform the checks.

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  • Do You Know the Dangers of Isocyanates?

    Isocyanates are a class of highly reactive and powerful compounds that produce superior quality products. Used across the manufacturing industry, isocyanates a regarded as a benchmark for high performance. But isocyanates have a dark side too which can lead to poor health.

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  • How EfW Sites Control Cost of Gas Abatement

    By monitoring and optimising the gas abatement process in Energy from Waste plants, operators can achieve two things. Firstly, compliance with the new Emission Limit Values (ELVs) in the revised site permits, derived from the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/. Secondly, it allows the site to take better control of gas abatement to avoid the cost of wasted reagents during overdosing.

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  • a1-cbiss to Exhibit at RWM Event

    We're back exhibiting after a 2 year absence! Following the repeated postponements, it's great to be going full steam ahead and planning for the RWM show at the end of September.

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  • Gas Testing in Shipping Containers

    Shipping containers present a risk to any person opening and unloading them. There are many reasons why shipping containers contain dangerous gases. This may be dependent on the type of cargo or whether the container has been fumigated.

    Prior to opening and unloading, containers must be gas tested to check they're safe to enter to avoid suffocation or breathing difficulties.

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  • Gas Detector Tubes and Who Uses Them

    Sourcing gas detectors can be confusing. Will it measure my target gas? Can it be used anywhere? What's the total cost of ownership? Then there’s the problem of trying to find a solution within your price range.

    Gastec detector tubes have been around for many years. They'll continue to be used, because users see the benefits of detector tubes:

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  • How Long Do Respirator Filters Last?

    When using a respirator, one of the most important things is knowing how long your respirator filters last. Lets look at the best ways of being able to tell when you should change them.

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the 3M Versaflo TR-300+

    What is the VERSAFLO Air Turbo TR-300+?

    The compact 3M Versaflo TR-300+ Powered Air Respirator is an easy-to-use, versatile, respirator system. It protects you from breathing workplace dust and therefore damaging your lungs. We explore the 5 most important things you need to know.

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  • NEW: Personal Dust Monitor Without the Faff

    The XD One is the new Personal Dust Monitor with a difference. It has been designed without the faff of worrying about pumps, sampling heads, tubes or impactors getting in the way.

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  • CLPX - The Truly Portable Monitor for Isocyanate Detection

    During paint spraying or polyurethane foam spraying, the air will be filled with nasty gases that you really don’t want to be breathing in. Prolonged exposure to isocyanates potentially causes all sorts of respiratory health problems. Regular biological and air monitoring are simple ways of checking how much dangerous isocyanates your workers are exposed to over time.

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  • Will You be Ready for the 11th July?

    The new workplace exposure limits (WELs) for Formaldehyde come into force on 11th July. Will you be ready?

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  • If the HSE Visited, Would You Have the Necessary Gas Detection Controls?

    There is no legal requirement for a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector to visit unannounced and review your gas detection controls. If they visited out of the blue, would you be ready?

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