Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Air Quality Monitoring Systems

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Air quality monitoring is essential in assessing levels of emissions in industrial processes. 

These are dedicated to the measurement of regulated pollutants such as Ozone (O3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NO- NO2 and NOx)

Envea  e-Series air quality analysers have been specially designed to consider the environmental impact.

  • The e-Series are fitted in 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene foam (EPP*) that has outstanding cushioning properties, high strength-to-weight ratio, efficient thermal and electrical insulation and provides easier access for service and maintenance.
  • As the lifetime energy use and environmental aspects have been taken into account during the conception and design phases, over 95% of each e-Series analyser can be recycled.
  • Engineered with breakthrough technologies, the e-Series achieve a previously unreachable level of autonomy: it also integrates self-diagnosis and a high level of self-operation.
  • Each analyser self-detects early signs of trouble, identifies the service needed and even guides the service operations.

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