Which gases do you need to detect? We get enquiries everyday from clients looking for a solution to their gas monitoring needs.

We're confident that we'll be able to specify a couple of gas detecting options for 95% of hazardous gases. And if we can't suggest a technique that we can offer, we'll be happy to advise an alternative solution from that of another supplier.

At a1-cbiss we are often regarded as industry leading experts who supply an extensive range of fixed and portable gas detection equipment used for the detection of combustible / flammable gases, oxygen depletion / oxygen enrichment and an extensive range of toxic gases meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industrial gas hazards.

Your Choice

You can browse through our comprehensive range of products from industry recognised manufacturers such as Gastec, 3M, Industrial Scientific, Oldham, GMI, RAE Systems, Scott Safety, BW, Morphix and Dodtec. If there's a product you want, we can provide it. We supply handheld portable gas detection units, personal gas alarms, multi-gas detectors with PID options, PID monitors, colorimetric gas detector tubes, gas survey monitors and fixed gas detection systems.

Supporting You

If you can't find what you are looking for or need some help in identifying the gas detection product that best meets your requirements, then our experienced technical support team are on hand to assist you selecting the right product. Better still, we have regional consultants who are available to visit your site to fully assess your gas detection requirements and ensure that you are fully protected.

Our Unique Position

Not only do we sell portable gas detectors but we have an in-house engineering team that are experienced in design, build and install of fixed gas detection systems. These systems can be fully maintained by our nationwide service network team to provide service and calibration. This range of specialist knowledge and experience makes us stand out from the competition as we are able to provide all of your gas detection needs!

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